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10 Responses to “IMS User Data Convergence (UDC) and its harmonization with 3GPP GUP”

  1. rajat said

    Great post. Very informative and conceptual

  2. Mihir said

    Very nice write-up. Could not find a better article on the internet than this one. Thanks for sharing UDC and GUP concepts here. I will visit regularly here.

  3. whitelassiblog said

    Thanks for your valuable feedback. Keep visiting.

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  6. Muralidharan Alagar said

    Very informative. GUP concept is very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Sam said

    Great post though didn’t share much on how shared secret is generated, distributed and used for authentication.
    I am investigating a case where a single user is required to register from multiple end points at the same time. How would user profile here look like? and what n SIM cards should have?
    I assume multiple PUID’s but what about PRID’s? multiple or single?
    And n shared secrets, each is on a SIM card?

  8. whitelassiblog said

    Hi Sam.

    Probably, nitty gritty details of how the HSS Authentication Vector is generated can be covered in another post ! Thanks for the feedback.

  9. Yateen V. Joshi said

    Great Article. Any idea of any commercial/free simulations available which one can use for testing?


  10. whitelassiblog said

    There are many commercial solutions offered by vendors such as NSN, ALU, Huawei etc.

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